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The Master Plan of the Creator has no flaw. Everything on earth was purposed and so were you. The Creator provided for everything and cares for each and every creation but even for the birds, without a care in this world, he does not drop food into their nests. They have to go and look for it. The economic reality of the world and the harsh dictates of daily life derail us from our prime purpose in life. The harsh reality of life dictates that you work where there is availability of work not where you would like to work. You work with the people you find not the ones you would choose to work with. You live where it is convenient for the commute not where you would really love to live. You drive the car you can afford not the car of your dreams. You visit the store to window-shop not to buy. You order from the right side (price side) in a restaurant, not the left side. Many people eventually pass on without ever achieving their purpose in life, if they ever got to know it in the first place. And yet what a beauty it would be to live a fulfilled life, knowing that you are doing exactly what you were purposed to do on this planet. There is a better way…there always is. You just need to look critically and soon you will be on your way to realizing your purpose and living life to your full potential. Stretch your imagination for that is infinite…If asked which part of the body is most elastic, I would without a doubt say the brain! Remember imagination like dreams come FREE!

We offer to be part of that search and the journey to self actualization. Its the reason we are here. To make the search as comfortable and as rewarding as possible.    

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FINANCIAL FREEDOM happens when PASSIVE or RESIDUAL income is greater than expenses. It frees TIME!

The world has evolved faster than many would have thought possible. The business ecosystem is changing even faster. Nothing remains the same for even a few short months. The belief that all good thing fall free is no longer tenable in the modern world. This applies equally to the quest for ones purpose and realization of their full potential. Whatever you were purposed to be or do...will need resources at one point or other. Resources in terms of knowledge, skills, time, finances, people, equipment…you name it! 

We play our part by sharing what we know is available and most useful for the time being. Today we are talking about Bitcoin, bitcoin mining  and the Blockchain and all the possibilities imaginable. These have taken the world by storm and will irreversibly change the way things work in more ways than just monetarily. 

A bit about Blockchain. Bitcoin’s most prevalent innovation is the concept of the “Blockchain”, a publicly reviewable ledger containing a verified record of every Bitcoin transaction. Bitcoins act as the mediums of exchange in this network and exist only as entries in the decentralized Bitcoin ledger. Blockchain is a decentralized data structure that allows untrusted participants to transact directly with each other and stores the history and state of these transactions. Blockchain is an ownership database that needs no central issuer, controller, verification or storage.

Bitcoin is more than just a digital currency. Check out our Blog to learn more about Bitcoin and how it is affecting the entire world. Interestingly, the more you learn about Bitcoin, the more you get attached and need to know more about it. Eventually everybody wants ‘a piece of the pie’, only that the supply of bitcoin is limited to a paltry 21,000,000 to go around! And this supply reduces by half every four years! Partly explains the rush by many to acquire some for themselves. The four known legitimate methods of acquiring bitcoin for now are:

1. Outright buying - (If you are comfortable with the market price)

2. Exchange for goods and services - (If you have goods and services for which you want to accept bitcoin in payment)

3. Trading it on the exchanges - (If you can stand the price volatility and lack of regulation) BitClub Network offers its members a unique and innovative trading platform that does 95% of the work in trading and therefore takes out all the hustle. Watch this webinar to understand how it works https://youtu.be/JRoIIkTQnyk

4. Dividends from mining - (Most viable as of now)

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Genesis of Digital Currency

Bitcoin leads the digital currency onslaught and may be set to keep this position for some time.

Currency has passed through the following phases, though long overlapping cycles exist: 

  • Barter 
  • Primitive Money 
  • Commodity Money 
  • Fiat Money

Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies represent a new form of currency that is: 

  • Private 
  • Decentralized, with a fixed algorithmic money supply 
  • Possibly commodity-backed. 

Attributes of Bitcoin that make it attractive include:

- It is a decentralized currency. No single institution or authority controls the Bitcoin network. No one prints bitcoins. Instead they are mined (digitally created) using computing power in a distributed network. This network also processes transactions made with the virtual currency, effectively making Bitcoin its own payment network.

—The Bitcoin Protocol dictates that only 21 million bitcoin can ever be created by miners. Bitcoin can be sub divided into smaller parts called satoshi (the smallest divisible amount is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin)

—It is easy to set up, with no questions asked and no fees payable.

—It is completely anonymous. Users can hold multiple Bitcoin addresses and they are not linked to names, addresses or other personally identifying information.

—It is completely transparent. The Bitcoin network stores details of every single transaction that has ever happened in the network in a decentralized ledger, called the Block chain.

—Transaction fees are minuscule compared to traditional currency transfer systems and are in form of mining fees through which the miners who create the bitcoins are compensated for solving the complex mathematical problems.

—Its super fast with real time transactions concluded as soon as the Bitcoin network processes the payments.

—It is non retractable. When you send your bitcoins there is no way of getting them back, unless the recipient makes another transactions sending them back to you.


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Why Bitcoin?

Cons of Centralized Ledgers

Historically, all ledgers of importance have been centralized.  While giving a measure of security, central record-keepers have weaknesses in the areas of: 

  1. Corruption 
  2. Inclusion 
  3. Technical failures

The Bitcoin Solution

The Byzantine Generals’ Problem, a matter of study in the area of fault tolerance, describes why decentralized ledgers have historically been unfeasible till the advent of bitcoin.

Bitcoin can be best understood as distributed software that allows for transfer of value using a currency protected from unexpected inflation without relying on trusted third parties. In other words, Bitcoin automates the functions of a modern central bank and makes them predictable and virtually immutable by programming them into code decentralized among thousands of network members, none of whom can alter the code without the consent of the rest. This makes Bitcoin the first demonstrably reliable operational example of digital cash and digital hard money. While Bitcoin is a new invention of the digital age, the problems it purports to solve—namely, providing a form of money that is under the full command of its owner and likely to hold its value in the long run—are as old as human society itself.

Bitcoin has presented the best solution to-date for solving the Byzantine Generals’ Problem, the shortcomings of centralized  ledgers and, subject to certain conditions, has made widespread decentralized asset and transaction ledgers possible.

Where is the benefit?

Leading technologists believe that the implications of this technical breakthrough will be far-reaching, extending far beyond digital currency. The concept of blockchain can be employed to solve more advanced problems than just serve as a payment mechanism. Certain coins extend the existing Bitcoin protocol and depend on the existing Bitcoin infrastructure. These coins usually enable more advanced applications, such as smart contracts, asset registration, remote attestation, voting, etc. On the other hand, other alternative coins are based on the Bitcoin concept while differing in their implementations. Suffice it to say that future uses of the concept of the blockchain will increasingly give birth to a large number of promising applications and further concepts including disruptive decentralized applications.

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